Hammered "Piano" Dulcimer

Hammered Dulcimer


The Cabin Creek Hammered "Piano" Dulcimer is a breakthrough in both size and tuning. For years folks have been saying that they love the sound of the hammered dulcimer and would love to play one but were overwhelmed by the complexity of the tuning, the large size of the instrument and the price. Well, the Cabin Creek Hammered "Piano" Dulcimer solves those issues.

The hammered dulcimer no longer needs to be intimidating. The Hammered "Piano" Dulcimer is straight forward and easily learned, even for beginners.

It is set up like a piano, with white and black markers on the center bridge denoting the sharps and flats just like the white and black keys of the piano. A chart attaches along side the bridge showing the notes (see photo). Each Hammered "Piano" Dulcimer is signed, numbered and dated.


Included with each instrument:

  • An instruction/ song book
  • A pair of hammers
  • Tuning wrench
  • Note charts
  • A hard sided carrying case

Note: I highly recommend tuning this instrument with an electronic tuner. It makes tuning much faster and easier. I couldn't live without mine (see accessory page).



Hammered "Piano" Dulcimer

  • Full 2 chromatic octaves (from G to G twice)
  • Reasonable size (28x14x3 inches)
  • Soundboards: Baltic birch is 5 layers of Baltic birch. Cherry, Agathis, Mahogany and Oak tops are veneer over 1/4" thick laminant. Western Red Cedar is 1/4" thick solid wood.
  • Backs: All backs are 13 layers of Baltic birch for strength and stability.


This is a Hammered "Piano" Dulcimer Sound Clip

A Special Thanks to Andrew Gordon for Creating this clip!

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Hammered Dulcimer 418
Hammered Dulcimer 418 Back
Hammered Dulcimer 428
Hammered Dulcimer 428 Back

This hammered dulcimer has an AFRICAN MAHOGANY sound board with Fleur de lis sound holes

The sides are cherry and the back is Baltic birch

The sound is moderately loud with an expressive lower register, though the instrument sounds good from top to bottom

Item# HD418......$329.00

The soundboard of this piano hammered dulcimer is Indonesian AGATHIS with celtic knot soundholes

The sides are maple with the back being baltic birch

The sound is richly resonate with a nice blend of overtones and sustain

Item# HD428......$329.00

Hammered Dulcimer 436
Hammered Dulcimer 436 Back
Hammered Dulcimer 430
Hammered Dulcimer 430 Back

The soundboard of the hammered dulcimer is strong and stable BALTIC BIRCH with celtic knot soundholes

The back is alto Baltic birch

The sides are ambrosia maple

The sound is very resonant with nice sustain and is moderately loud

Item #HD436......$299.00

This soundboard is constructed of AFRICAN MAHOGANY with celtic knot soundholes

The sides are cherry and the back is Baltic birch

The sound is medium loud and very melodic with some overtones and sustain a very nice sound indeed

Item #HD430......$329.00

Hammered Dulcimer 432
Hammered Dulcimer 432 Back
Hammered Dulcimer 433
Hammered Dulcimer 433 Back

AFRICAN MAHOGANY is the soundboard choice for this piano hammered dulcimer with wheat patterned soundholes

The sides are red oak and the back is Baltic birch

The sound is medium loud, resonates evenly with expected sustain and overtones, another good sounding piano hammered dulcimer

Item #HD432......$329.00

This soundboard is nicely grained CHERRY with wheat motif soundholes

The sides are maple and the back is Baltic birch

The sound is even, medium loud, with some sustain creating some overtones and a nice sound

Item #HD433......$329.00

Hammered Dulcimer 414
Hammered Dulcimer 414 Back
Hammered Dulcimer 427
Hammered Dulcimer 427 Back

The soundboard of this hammered dulcimer is AMERICAN BIRCH with nice grain pattern and wheat sound holes

The sides are oak and the back is Baltic birch

The sound has a lot of sustain on the lower octave with a full-bodied mellow tone

The upper rang is not as loud but pleasant

Item #HD414......$329.00

The sound board of this Hammered Dulcimer is BALTIC BIRCH with intricate Celtic knot sound holes

The sides and bridge are black walnut with the back being Baltic birch

The front and back are open because Baltic birch is very strong and stable. This also allows the price to be less than other models

The sound is crisp, clear with some sustain and moderately loud

Item #HD427......$299.00

Hammered Dulcimer 416
Hammered Dulcimer 416 Back
Hammered Dulcimer 434
Hammered Dulcimer 434 Back Hammered Dulcimer 434 Side

This soundboard is Indonesian AGATHIS, a light reddish brown wood

Wheat sound holes complement the top

The sides are oak and the back is Baltic birch

The sound is medium loud with some sustain, pretty even throughout but nicely mellow on the lower end

Item #HD416......$329.00

The soundboard of this 2 octave piano hammered dulcimer is AFRICAN MAHOGANY with celtic knot soundhole design

The sides are maple. The upper left side has a natural small knot situation going on causing no problem, just adding character see photo

The back is Baltic birch

The sound is mjoderately loud and clear with good sustain creating some overtones without mudding the sound

Item #HD434......$329.00

Hammered Dulcimer 001 2.5
Hammered Dulcimer 001 2.5 Back Hammered Dulcimer 2.5 case inside Hammered Dulcimer 2.5 case outside

People have been asking for a larger two-and-a-half octave model Piano Hammered Dulcimer. So I have added a half octave on the lower end. The notes on this model go from D# to G#. This is #1 of 2 that I have made so far

The sound board is CHERRY with Celtic knot sound holes

The sides are also cherry and the back is Baltic birch for strength

The sound is remarkable. It is very responsive and resonates. The lower one-half octave is a joy to hear

Ive had a box made especially for this instrument that is suitable for carrying and transporting (see picture). It comes free with the instrument as well as a pair of hammers, tuning wrench, instruction/music book and music note charts that attach to either side of the bridge

Item# 2.5HD1......$429.00