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The Cabin Creek teardrop-shaped Mountain Dulcimer is in the historic Southwestern Virginia style. It is patterned after an historic instrument over 100 years old from this area. The Cabin Creek hourglass model is reminiscent of early mountain dulcimers from Kentucky.

The shapes of both style Mountain Dulcimers are aesthetically beautiful and properly proportioned. Each is made from "scratch". They are not assorted pieces bought from a supplier and put together. Every instrument is made by me, from rough lumber to finished instrument. Each Mountain Dulcimer is crafted with an aesthetically pleasing overhang, like a violin/fiddle and is signed, numbered and dated. Most of the woods used are native to appalachia and harvested from the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

Included with each instrument:

  • Instruction/ songbook
  • Pick and noter
  • A padded nylon case with accessory pocket and carrying strap

Extra strings and an electronic tuner/pickup are available--see the accessories page

Mountain Dulcimers pictured below are available for immediate sale:


The Hourglass Dulcimer

  • Grover vertical geared tuners
  • a 6-1/2 fret
  • fretboard length is 26 1/2 inches
  • total dimensions are 36"x7"x2"



The Teardrop Dulcimer

  • Grover Sta-Tite horizontal tuners
  • a 6-1/2 fret
  • fretboard length is 26 1/2 inches
  • total dimensions are 39"x7"x2"



Mountain Dulcimer 1077
Mountain Dulcimer 1077 Back Mountain Dulcimer 1077 Head
Mountain Dulcimer 1069 Top
Mountain Dulcimer 1069 Back Mountain Dulcimer 1069 Head Mountain Dulcimer 1069 Tail

This mountain dulcimer is constructed entirely of CHERRY

It has vine patterned sound holes

The sound is clear, sweet and on the quieter side

This instrument is not to be played in a large room without being miked

Item # HGDUL1077......$389.00

The soundboard of choice for this mountain dulcimer is CHERRY

It has a moon and stars motif for the sound holes

The sides, end blocks and fretboard are maple with the sides being curly maple. The back is a nicely grained piece of birch

The sound is clear, balanced with a nice blend of overtones and sustain

Item # TDDUL1069......$389.00

Mountain Dulcimer 1079
Mountain Dulcimer 1079 Back Mountain Dulcimer 1079 Head Mountain Dulcimer 1079 Head 2 Mountain Dulcimer 1079 Tail
Mountain Dulcimer 1070 top
Mountain Dulcimer 1070 back Mountain Dulcimer 1070 head Mountain Dulcimer 1070 tail

The soundboard and back of this mountain dulcimer are uniquely grained CHERRY

There are dark streaks throughout creating a one of a kind instrument

The rest of the instrument is regular cherry

The wood of the head piece has a hole (worm or natural?) on its end and a small knot hole in the strum hollow of the fret board, neither causing any problem

The sound holes are a moon and stars motif

The sound is very pleasant, not too loud and very warm

Item # HGDUL1079......$389.00

This soundboard is a deep red RED CEDAR with vine sound holes

The rest of the instrument is black walnut

p>The sound is warm and haughtingly beautiful. It is also medium loud

Item # TDDUL1070......$389.00

Mountain Dulcimer 1080
Mountain Dulcimer 1080 Back Mountain Dulcimer 1080 Head Mountain Dulcimer 1080 Tail
Mountain Dulcimer 1072
Mountain Dulcimer 1072 Back Mountain Dulcimer 1072 Head Mountain Dulcimer 1072 Tail

RED CEDAR graces the soundboard of this hourglass mountain dulcimer with vine patterned sound holes

The rest of the instrument is medium brown butternut (white walnut)

The sound is full, rich and medium loud. It has a nice balance of overtones and sustain.

Item # HGDUL1080......$389.00

The soundboard of this teardrop-shaped mountain dulcimer is straight-grained medium brown WESTERN RED CEDAR

It has f-holes as sound holes

The rest of the instrument is black walnut

The sound is exceptionally rich, vibrant and fully resonant

Item # TDDUL1072......$389.00

Mountain Dulcimer 1081
Mountain Dulcimer 1081 Back Mountain Dulcimer 1081 Head Mountain Dulcimer 1081 Tail

The soundboard of this hourglass mountain dulcimer consists of WHITE CEDAR that has dark brown streaks running lengthwise

The rest of the instrument is a richly colored mahogany

It has a vine pattern for the sound holes

The sound is medium loud and sounds clean, with a nice melodic ring

Item # HGDUL1081......$389.00


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