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The Cabin Creek teardrop-shaped Mountain Dulcimer is in the historic Southwestern Virginia style. It is patterned after an historic instrument over 100 years old from this area. The Cabin Creek hourglass model is reminiscent of early mountain dulcimers from Kentucky.

The shapes of both style Mountain Dulcimers are aesthetically beautiful and properly proportioned. Each is made from "scratch". They are not assorted pieces bought from a supplier and put together. Every instrument is made by me, from rough lumber to finished instrument. Each Mountain Dulcimer is crafted with an aesthetically pleasing overhang, like a violin/fiddle and is signed, numbered and dated. Most of the woods used are native to appalachia and harvested from the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

Included with each instrument:

  • Instruction/ songbook
  • Pick and noter
  • A padded nylon case with accessory pocket and carrying strap

Extra strings and an electronic tuner/pickup are available--see the accessories page

Mountain Dulcimers pictured below are available for immediate sale:


The Hourglass Dulcimer

  • Grover vertical geared tuners
  • a 6-1/2 fret
  • fretboard length is 26 1/2 inches
  • total dimensions are 36"x7"x2"



The Teardrop Dulcimer

  • Grover Sta-Tite horizontal tuners
  • a 6-1/2 fret
  • fretboard length is 26 1/2 inches
  • total dimensions are 39"x7"x2"



Mountain Dulcimer 1022
Mountain Dulcimer 1022 Back Mountain Dulcimer 1022 Head Mountain Dulcimer 1022 Tail
Mountain Dulcimer 988 Top
Mountain Dulcimer 988 Back Mountain Dulcimer 988 Head Mountain Dulcimer 988 Tail

This hourglass mountain dulcimer has a pretty piece of RED CEDAR for the soundboard with a moon and stars sound hole motif

There are creamy white strands interspersed lengthwise with the red, making for a nice look

The back and sides are black walnut

The sound is pleasantly sweet, balanced with nice drone sound

Item # HGDUL1022......$355.00

The entire instrument is constructed of AMERICAN CHESTNUT except for the end blocks which are oak

The sound holes are a vine motif

There are 2 prominent nail holes on the left side of the top, showing its former use in an early 20th century elementary school that was demolished in the late 1970's in Jefferson, NC

The sound is medium loud, mellow with the drone string standing out. This is a good traditional sounding dulcimer

Item # TDDUL988......$355.00

Mountain Dulcimer 1023
Mountain Dulcimer 1023 Back Mountain Dulcimer 1023 Head Mountain Dulcimer 1023 Tail
Mountain Dulcimer 1005 top
Mountain Dulcimer 1005 back Mountain Dulcimer 1005 head Mountain Dulcimer 1005 tail

This hourglass mountain dulcimer has a SASSAFRAS soundboard with f-hole sound holes

The rest of the instrument is black walnut

The contrast between the sassafras and black walnut is very stunning

The sound is warm, clear and very pleasing

Item # HGDUL1023......$355.00

This entire Mountain Dulcimer is constructed of BLACK WALNUT except for the fret board, which is ambrosia maple, creating a delightful contrast

The sound board has a couple of natural fissures at the upper end of the sound holes. They create no problem whatsoever, but do add some great character

The sound holes are a vine motif

The sound is very even from top to bottom and is soft, pleasant and just right for someone playing alone


Item # TDDUL1005......$355.00

Mountain Dulcimer 999
Mountain Dulcimer 999 Back Mountain Dulcimer 999 Head Mountain Dulcimer 999 Tail
Mountain Dulcimer 1006
Mountain Dulcimer 1006 Back Mountain Dulcimer 1006 Head Mountain Dulcimer 1006 Tail

This entire Mt. Dulcimer is constructed with AMERICAN CHESTNUT rescued from an elementary school in Ashe County, NC, torn down in the late 1970's

There are 2 worm holes and 4 nail holes on the soundboard, several worm holes on the sides with many more on the back along with 4 more nail holes

Its color is medium-light brown and graced with 4 traditional f-holes

The sound is very pleasant with a moderate amount of sustain

Item # HGDUL999......$355.00

RED CEDAR graces the top of this Mountain Dulcimer creating a nice contrast with the rest of the instrument which is black walnut

The backs of the end blocks are a lighter shade of black walnut as seen in one of the photos

The sound holes are a vine motif

The sound of this tear drop dulcimer is on the softer side and has a sweet sound

Item # TDDUL1006......$355.00

Mountain Dulcimer 1024
Mountain Dulcimer 1024 Back Mountain Dulcimer 1024 Head
Mountain Dulcimer 989
Mountain Dulcimer 989 Back Mountain Dulcimer 989 Head Mountain Dulcimer 989 Tail

Wormy AMERICAN CHESTNUT graces the soundboard of this hourglass mountain dulcimer. This is reclaimed wood from a torn-down school in Ashe County, N.C. in the late 1970’s

The entire instrument is chestnut except for the fretboard which is black walnut

The sound holes are f-holes

The sound is balanced, melodic, very resonate and on the loud side

Item # HGDUL1024......$355.00

The soundboard of this dulcimer is REDWOOD with vine patterned sound holes

The rest of the instrument is cherry

The sound is fully resonant, alive and rings out

Item # TDDUL989......$355.00

Mountain Dulcimer 1009
Mountain Dulcimer 1009 Back Mountain Dulcimer 1009 Head Mountain Dulcimer 1009 Tail
Mountain Dulcimer 1007
Mountain Dulcimer 1007 Back Mountain Dulcimer 1007 Head Mountain Dulcimer 1007 Tail

This whole hour-glass shaped Mountain Dulcimer is constructed of CHERRY

The top has nice grain with dark streaks near the bottom

The sound board and back are from the same board and have matched grain. On the upper end of the sound board there are a few worm holes adding a little character to the top

The sound holes are a unique moon and stars

The sound is somewhat more mellow than most cherry dulcimers

It has a sweet sound and is even from top to bottom

Item # HGDUL1009......$355.00

The sound board of this tear-drop shaped Mountain Dulcimer is a reddish brown WESTERN RED CEDAR, which matches the rest of this instrument, which is cherry

The sound holes are 2 different shapes of butterflies

The sound is medium loud with the 3rd and 4th strings providing a nice drone sound

Item # TDDUL1007......$355.00

Mountain Dulcimer 1025
Mountain Dulcimer 1025 Back Mountain Dulcimer 1025 Head Mountain Dulcimer 1025 Tail
Mountain Dulcimer 1020
Mountain Dulcimer 1020 Back Mountain Dulcimer 1020 Head Mountain Dulcimer 1020 Tail

This hourglass mountain dulcimer is constructed entirely of BUTTERNUT except for the fretboard, which is black walnut, creating a nice contrast

There are several worm holes on the back of the head piece causing no problems

The sound holes are f-holes

The sound is full, rich and medium loud

Item # HGDUL1025......$355.00

This sound board of this tear drop Mt. Dulcimer is very straight-grained medium reddish-brown WESTERN RED CEDAR with f-hole sound holes

The rest of the instrument is Black Walnut

The sound is mellow, even and very pleasant – my kind of sound

Item # TDDUL1020......$355.00

Mountain Dulcimer 1017
Mountain Dulcimer 1017 Back Mountain Dulcimer 1017 Head Mountain Dulcimer 1017 Tail
Mountain Dulcimer 1021
Mountain Dulcimer 1021 Back Mountain Dulcimer 1021 Head Mountain Dulcimer 1021 Tail

This entire hour glass Mt. Dulcimer is constructed from AMERICAN CHESTNUT

The American Chestnut died of blight in the early 20th century and doesn’t exist any longer, except in old structures.

It is very pretty, durable and has remarkable musical capabilities

This particular wood comes from a school in Ashe County, NC which was demolished in the 1970’s

It is a very distinctive and beautiful instrument. The sound board has a lot of grain with light and dark pattern. There are 2 natural fissures emanating from a knot hole on either side of the fret board which cause no problems, only visual interest. There are also several tiny worm holes throughout the sound board. The back has many small worm holes, some going horizontal. There are also 2 small knot holes going all the way through the back, again causing no problem whatsoever

The sound is medium to loud, very balanced and pleasant

Item # HGDUL1017......$355.00

The sound board of this tear drop Mt. Dulcimer is a deep red MAHOGANY with vine patterned sound holes

In fact the entire instrument is made from mahogany except for the fret board which is topped with padauk

The sound is very pleasant, sweet and medium loud

Item # TDDUL1021......$355.00

Mountain Dulcimer 1014
Mountain Dulcimer 1014 Back Mountain Dulcimer 1014 Head Mountain Dulcimer 1014 Tail

The sound board of this hour glass Mt. Dulcimer is RED CEDAR and has alternating white and red streaks running vertically from top to bottom creating a very nice look

There are 4 tiny knots, 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom, with each one directly across from a sound hole

The sound holes are 4 f-holes

The rest of the instrument is constructed of black walnut

The sound is full bodied and clear with some overtones. It is moderately loud

Item # HGDUL1014......$355.00


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