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Meet Walter

Walter handcrafted his instruments for over 20 years. He started out in the early 1980s with an apprenticeship with Albert & Audrey Hash. This time with the Hash’s informed not only his instrument making skills but also the values of sharing, giving, helping, caring, accepting, and loving.

He carried these values through in Cabin Creek Music, by:

  • Personally taking each order: taking time to speak with you, and helping you pick the right instrument & making sure you have everything you need to start playing!
  • Handcrafting each instrument in his workshop in Whitetop, VA: His instruments are never made from a “kit,” each one is handmade with lumber from the Blue Ridge Mountains and numbered.
  • Fair pricing: Some makers charge almost double what Walter does, his instruments are handmade, high-quality, and fairly priced. Plus each dulcimer includes: a songbook, a pick or hammers, and a case.

Walter is now retired from making instruments, we intend to keep his part in the history of Grayson County, VA alive by using this website to curate instruments that are like the ones he made: Handcrafted in Appalchia, and priced fairly.

If you’d like to read more about Walter, visit this page.

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(SOLD) Hourglass Dulcimer / #1129

The soundboard of this mountain dulcimer is very straight grained medium brown WESTERN RED CEDAR with vine patterned sound holes. (Price: $495)

(SOLD) Hourglass Dulcimer / #1132

The soundboard of this dulcimer as well as the entire instrument is made from local AMERICAN CHESTNUT also called wormy chestnut the disease that killed off this species in the early 1900’s. This chestnut came from a dismantled school in Jefferson, NC circa late 1900’s. (Price: $495)

(SOLD) Hourglass Dulcimer / #1125

The soundboard and sides of this mountain dulcimer are chestnut. The back is a catching oak. The soundholes are a vine motif.
The sound is moderately loud, clear, and full. It resonates really well with some sustain. (Price: $495)

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Bowed Psalteries

“I picked up the psaltery from the Post Office this morning and I’m soooo pleased with it. It has a lovely sweet voice from top note to lowest and responds to the bow so nicely. And it’s quite beautiful to look at. You are an exquisite artist.”