Walter is recovering from and working through some health issues.

As a result, he has suspended selling & making instruments for now.

Please check back later on!

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Alto Bowed Psaltery / #401



Price: $290

This instrument has a RED CEDAR soundboard with an ash back and sides. The soundhole is a hummingbird.

There is a narrow seasoned crack on the right side extending for a couple of inches on the back causing no problem whatsoever.

The sound is crisp, full and with a good amount of sustain. It is also medium loud.


  • G to G plus extra high note to A and extra low note to F
  • 30 Strings
  • 19 1/2 inches long

This instrument includes:

  • A very easy instruction/ song book
  • Horse hair bow
  • Rosin
  • Tuning wrench
  • A note chart that attaches alongside the strings showing the notes
  • A quality padded nylon case with pocket and 2 carrying straps
  • Extra strings, bows, horse hair, rosin and electronic tuner/pickup are available–see the accessories page