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(SOLD) Soprano Bowed Psaltery / #1029

Do you have questions about this instrument, or just want to speak with the person who made it?

You can email me at info@cabincreekmusic.com.



Price: $265

The soundboard of this bowed psaltery is BUTTERNUT (white walnut) with a dove soundhole. The back and sides are wormy oak. The dozen worm holes are harmless and add character to the instrument.

The sound is very pleasant, warm and sweet. It also is not real loud and just right for personal playing.


  • Two octaves – G to G twice
  • 24 Strings
  • 18 inches long

This instrument includes:

  • A very easy instruction/ song book
  • Horse hair bow
  • Rosin
  • Tuning wrench
  • A note chart that attaches alongside the strings showing the notes
  • A quality padded nylon case with pocket and 2 carrying straps
  • Extra strings, bows, horse hair, rosin and electronic tuner/pickup are available–see the accessories page

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