Retirement Sale! Bowed Psalteries 50% Off

Walter is retiring from making instruments. The instruments listed on the website right now are the LAST INSTRUMENTS available from Walter.

Get in touch about ordering now before they're gone for good!


Tuning Wrenches

Good Tuning Wrench – $6

Better Tuning Wrench – $15

Electronic Tuners

Korg SA 30 Chromatic Electronic Tuner and pick up


Fast. Best for Hammered Dulcimers and Bowed Psalteries

Chromatic Electronic Tuner – $20.00

Clips onto the instrument

Will tune any instrument but most convenient for Mountain Dulcimers, but slower on Hammered Dulcimers and Bowed Psalteries


Bowed Psaltery Bows

Cherry or Black Walnut – $20.00

Replacement horse hair for bow – $6.00

Extra rosin for bow – $3.00

Replacement Bowed Psaltery Strings – 6 for $6.00


Larkin’s Dulcimer Book

This is an excellent instruction book for the serious student. It teaches traditional strumming, chording and fingerpicking as well as showing and utilizing several tunings. There are also a lot of songs.

Larkin’s Dulcimer Book – $15.50

The Best Dulcimer Method Yet

This book has over 100 songs divided into several categories. This is probably the best dulcimer song book on the market.

The Best Dulcimer Method Book Yet – $12.95