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Hammered “Piano” Dulcimer

The Cabin Creek Hammered “Piano” Dulcimer is a breakthrough in both size and tuning. For years folks have been saying that they love the sound of the hammered dulcimer and would love to play one but were overwhelmed by the complexity of the tuning, the large size of the instrument and the price. Well, the Cabin Creek Hammered “Piano” Dulcimer solves those issues.

The hammered dulcimer no longer needs to be intimidating. The Hammered “Piano” Dulcimer is straight forward and easily learned, even for beginners.

It is set up like a piano, with white and black markers on the center bridge denoting the sharps and flats just like the white and black keys of the piano. A chart attaches along side the bridge showing the notes. Each Hammered “Piano” Dulcimer is signed, numbered and dated.

Included with each instrument:

  • An instruction/ song book
  • A pair of hammers
  • Tuning wrench
  • Note charts
  • A hard sided carrying case

Note: I highly recommend tuning this instrument with an electronic tuner. It makes tuning much faster and easier. I couldn’t live without mine (see accessory page).


Hammered Dulcimer / #493

Hammered Dulcimer / #493

The soundboard is BALTIC BIRCH with wheat motif soundholes. The sides are black walnut and the back is Baltic birch. The sound is sweet and pleasant with moderate overtones. (Price: $375)

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Hammered Dulcimer / #502

Hammered Dulcimer / #502

BALTIC BIRCH comprises the soundboard and back of this hammered dulcimer. It has swirl sound holes and the sides are maple. The sound is very pleasant with a centrist sound, not too loud and bright or too mellow. (Price: $375)

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