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(SOLD) Hourglass Dulcimer / #1132

Do you have questions about this instrument, or just want to speak with the person who made it?

You can email me at info@cabincreekmusic.com.



Price: $495

The soundboard of this dulcimer as well as the entire instrument is made from local AMERICAN CHESTNUT also called wormy chestnut the disease that killed off this species in the early 1900’s. This chestnut came from a dismantled school in Jefferson, NC circa late 1900’s.

The sound is delightful as is all chestnut dulcimers. Its voice is clear, crisp and nicely balanced.


  • Grover vertical geared tuners
  • a 6-1/2 fret
  • fretboard length is 26 1/2 inches
  • total dimensions are 36″x7″x2″

This instrument includes:

  • Instruction/ songbook
  • Pick and noter
  • A padded nylon case with accessory pocket and carrying strap
  • Extra strings and an electronic tuner/pickup are available – see the accessories page

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