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Testimonials & Awards

You are indeed an artisan of the highest caliber.


Your customer service is wonderful.


I love the beautiful hammered dulcimer you made for me. It arrived in perfect condition, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it already. You did a wonderful job, and I appreciate it very much.


If you ever need a reference for your dulcimers, I’m your man.


Our bowed psaltery has only been in our house for 2 days and already my 9 year old is playing ‘Beautiful Dreamer’ and ‘Ode to Joy’. She and I take turns and playing for each other and criticizing each other’s playing.  Even the 6 year old has been able to follow along the notes from some music books we have here and can turn out a pretty decent one herself.


The packing was awesome.


I picked up the psaltery from the Post Office this morning and I’m soooo pleased with it. It has a lovely sweet voice from top note to lowest and responds to the bow so nicely. And it’s quite beautiful to look at.  You are an exquisite artist.